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about Twisty Willow
Barb is a Kiwi with Irish and Scottish ancestry. Classically trained, she has followed her roots and love of Celtic music, developing an energetic, expressive style on fiddle. She enjoys sharing the fun of the traditional dances she grew up with.
Wes' strong bodhran playing provides the Celtic rhythm and depth. A Kiwi, Wes calls ceilidh dances, does the sound, the band business management, recording and publicity.
Wes Bycroft
bodhran (celtic drum), vocals, dance calling

We play as a duo - Wes and Barb with instrumental backing. We use the "Real Band" function of the software "Band in a Box" to create our backing tracks. This enables us to use the playing of top musicians to customise the tracks to our style. This gives us a strong full sound that is uniquely Twisty Willow in style.
Irish dancers, Scottish Highland dancers
Scottish piper, Scottish Haggis ceremony
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Why "Twisty Willow"?

Willows have long been seen as a sacred tree of life bringing good luck into the home. Like the Irish and Scots, willows have spread to every corner of the world and flourished.
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