Selected Twisty Willow Songs
Selected Twisty Willow Tune Sets
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These tunes and songs were recorded by Barb and Wes playing and singing to instrumental backing tracks. The backing tracks were created by us to suit our style of playing. The sounds of the instruments used are from the live playing of top musicians. Using software called "Real Band", part of the "Band in a Box " suite, we have learnt how to match the key, tempo changes and style to our own live playing, dance calling and singing. We have put in many hours of practice and testing. It enables us to perform as a duo with a full and natural live sound.
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Anthems from a Winged Seed, 2009
Better Times, 2001
Maybe Someday, 2002
Darkness in the Sky, 1996
Shake your Shamrocks, 1995 (Out of Stock)
Tartan, 1993 (cassette - will digitise soon)
New Wave Folk Dancing, 1990
Emerald, 1993 (cassette - now on CD)
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