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Twisty Willow is a tight, dynamic, entertaining Ceilidh duo constantly in demand for a wide range of Celtic gigs. Our self-crafted instrumental accompaniment gives us a full, rich, quality sound. We travel around New Zealand for gigs.

Twisty Willow began as a five piece pub band in 1990, riding the exciting, crazy wave of Irish and Scottish pubs in Auckland and around New Zealand. In this demanding, crowded scene, we rapidly honed our instrumental, vocal, and entertainment skills. Experience calling dances in the folk scene, adds an effective, extra dimension to private and corporate gigs.

In the 90's we also played for Scottish County Dance balls. More recently we have increased our repertoire of Scottish Country Dance tune sets and we dance with the local Club.  

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Barb Bycroft
fiddle, vocals,
dance calling

Barb is a Kiwi with Irish and Scottish ancestry. Classically trained, she has followed her roots and love of Celtic music, developing an energetic, expressive style on fiddle. She enjoys sharing the fun of the traditional dances she grew up with.

Wes Bycroft
bodhran (Celtic drum), vocals,
dance calling,
band management

Wes' stylish bodhran playing provides the Celtic rhythm and depth. A Kiwi, Wes calls ceilidh dances, does the sound, the band business management and produces our backing tracks, web site, recording and publicity.

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Why the name:  "Twisty Willow"?
Willows have long been seen as a sacred tree of life bringing good luck into the home. Like the Irish and Scots, willows have spread to every corner of the world and flourished.
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