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Quality Celtic Music For All Occasions

COVID Delta:
Well, 2021 has been an interesting year so far! Many gigs have not been possible. Things are still changing every few weeks.

We think that Ceilidhs will be viable at sometime in the New Year. If you book with us, our contract includes a COVID let-out clause so you are not liable for any costs should you need to cancel because of COVID.

Go to our Ceilidh page to check out what we offer. 

Twisty Willow playing and calling dances in Aotea Square, Auckland, New Zealand for a "Ceilidh Under the Stars" night.

New Zealand's favourite Ceilidh band

Many Kiwis have Celtic connections. Twisty Willow's Kiwi take on the Celtic Ceilidh/Ceili has been a popular entertainment choice since 1990.  The songs, tunes and dances are Scottish, Irish or both and Twisty Willow adapts the performance to suit any type of Celtic occasion with maximum audience participation.